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By exploring the architect's entire output of more than 50 built and proposed projects, Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future will be the first opportunity to understand Saarinen's collective work in the larger context of postwar modern architecture.

The exhibition is directed by curator Donald Albrecht in conjunction with the research team. The exhibition installation is designed by Roy Mˆ§nttˆ§ri and conveys the technological and structural ingenuity of Saarinen's buildings. The show features full-scale building mock-ups, never-before-seen drawings, models, photographs, films, and ephemera.

The exhibition is organized into two sections: Building for Postwar America, which focuses on building types, illustrating the wide range of Saarinen's projects in the context of their cultural and political significance; and The Architect and his Milieu, which will examine Saarinen and his many collaborators.

Project Team

Juulia Kauste, Executive Director, Finnish Cultural Institute in New York
Severi Blomstedt, Director, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Chase Rynd, Executive Director, National Building Museum
Robert A.M. Stern, Dean, Yale School of Architecture
Martin Moeller, Senior Vice President and Curator, National Building Museum
Kristiina Nivari, Project Coordinator in Finland, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Director of the Research Team, Yale School of Architecture

Exhibition Team

Donald Albrecht, Exhibition Curator
Roy Mänttäri, Exhibition Designer
Pentagram, Graphic Design Hannu Hellman, Exhibition Coordinator
Marko Tandefelt, Exhibition AV and Media Producer
Rosamond Fletcher, Project Image Editor
Salla Kiehelä Image Editor in Finland
Essi Rautiola, Project Coordinator in the US
Cathy Frankel, Exhibition Coordinator at the National Building Museum
KDN Films, Documentary Film
C. Michael Arnold, Exhibition Models
Thomas N. Eichbaum, Exhibition Models
Janice Carapellucci, Line Drawings
Rosemary de Rosa, Registrar
Dana Twersky, Registrar
Hank Griffith, Framing and Crating Logistics
Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen
Donald Albrecht
Vincent Scully
Mark Coir
Will Miller
Reinhold Martin
Sandy Isenstadt
Thomas Mellins
Hélène Lipstadt
Rosamond Fletcher
Christopher Monkhouse
Michael Rey
Brian Lutz
Alexandra Lange
Sean Khorsandi
Jennifer komar Olivarez
Alexandra Lange
Timo Tuomi
Susanna Santala
Alan J. Plattus
Cesar Pelli
Kevin Roche
Harold Roth
Robert Venturi
Leslie S. Edwards
Robert A.M. Stern

Exhibition Renderings by Yale University Students

Marina Dayton
Ayat Fadaifart
Karl Mascarenhas
Frank Melendez
Timothy Newton
Andrew Steffen
Kathryn Stutts

Media Relations

Andrea Schwan, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, Andrea Schwan Inc.

Tour Coordination

Ileen Gallagher, Principal, isg productions
Gerrie Bay Hall, isg productions

Sponsorship Relations

Fredrick Wodin, Sponsorship and Philantrophy

Legal Advice

Richard Anderman, Attorney

Honorary Committee

Speaker of the Parliament Paavo Lipponen
His Excellency, Ambassador Jukka Valtasaari
The Honorable Ambassador Earle I. Mack
Carolyn Schwenker Brody, Chair of the board of Trustees, National Building Museum
Florence Knoll Bassett
Kenneth Frampton, Ware Professor of Architecture, Columbia University
Gloria Jussila Jackson
Markku Komonen, Architect, Professor, Helsinki University of Technology
Riitta Nikula, Professor, Department of Art History, University of Helsinki
Terence Riley, Director, Miami Art Museum
Kevin Roche, Architect
Vincent Scully, Sterling Professor Emeritus of the History of Art, Yale University


The organizing institutions gratefully thank the lenders to the exhibition:

Anderson Gallery, Drake University; Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution; Centre Canadien d’ÄôArchitecture / Canadian Centre for Architecture; Cranbrook Archives; Cranbrook Art Museum; Design Museum, Helsinki; Eames Foundation; Eero Saarinen Collection at Yale University; Robert Galbraith; General Motors and the General Motors Technical Center; Grace Guggenheim; Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, National Park Service; Knoll International; Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division; Oliver Lundquist; Miller Family; Museum of Finnish Architecture; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; NBC Archives; Ruth Nivola; Ralph Rapson; Susan and Eric Saarinen; Michael Salazar; James Smith; Smithsonian American Art Museum; Ronald Saarinen Swanson; Marko Tandefelt; United States Department of State, OBO Division; University of Pennsylvania Architectural Archives; Robert Venturi; and Yale University Art Gallery.